Shaped beds and bags designed and made only by Furrykind Creations since 2018

All of my own recognisable original design and individually handmade! Accept no imitations!


Made from 4/5 layers of fleece - extra in the face sections & floor. (Most are all fleece but some of the beds may also be made with a layer of wadding inside (it will be stated on the listing & vary in price) - these ones are best to use outside of the cage due to the fluffy inner wadding).

Hangs by attached webbing and D-rings. They can be hung up in the cage or hung up outside the cage during free range time! PLEASE NOTE: The beds are best used outside of the cage if you have hammock chewers!

Super soft and layered -  extra stitching inside for padding and support.

The bed is big enough for about 2/3 rats - although rats like to squash in together and sleep on top too!

Seasonal shaped beds here.

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