Here is what some of my lovely customers think about Furrykind Creations

Jessie - the.little.rats (Instagram)
'New shaped bag from @furrykindcreations 🥰 they do not disappoint! Thank you so much Caryn for the high quality and awesome design products 🤩'

Jade - tickledwhiskers (Instagram)
'Watch the mice enjoy their gorgeous new bonding bag made to look like Willow! 😍🧡🌿 The quality of this item is absolutely first class. It is extremely well made, it is sturdy but soft and the mice were immediately at home on the cosy material. It is a dream to use as a bonding bag as it is deep enough for the mice to stay inside and feel safe and not squashed but they can reach to climb out for cuddles and exploring! 5 Stars ✨ Go and follow the wonderful @furrykindcreations, we will be back! 🧡🐭☀️'


Anne (Facebook)
'Lovely hammocks. Amazing quality 10/10 would recommend again! Girls love them and haven't chewed them up at all as they're soo lovely and thick. Yawning because I interrupted sleep when the hammock is so comfy'

Georgia (Facebook)
'Two stunning hessian hammocks arrived this week, and I am so pleased with the quality and skill that has gone in to them. The stitch work is impeccable with a very strong design, while also maintaining a lovely aesthetic. I cannot wait to put this in my rat enclosure once it is all set up! Highly recommended and I will be back, thank you so much'

Lori (Facebook)
'The best quality hammocks out there. My girls and boys love their hammocks and the only hammocks my girls don't chew into rags. Love Furrykind Creations 5 stars and absolutely recommend'

Holly (Facebook)
'Absolutely love the hammocks from FurryKind Creations. By far the best quality I've had and my rats adore them Would highly recommend.'

Jennifer (Facebook)
'My rats adore the hammock that I got from Caryn at Furrykind Creations. The hammock is such good quality. A lot of time and love has gone in to it. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend'