All products are machine washable. I recommend a 30-40 degree wash.
You can do a hot wash if you wish but note that some fabrics can shrink when on a boil so this is at your own risk.
Washing detergent of your choice is fine to use for washing rat hammocks. White vinegar is also good for eliminating odours.

Air drying on an outdoor washing line or indoor clothes line/airer is recommended.
Too much heat from a radiator or tumble dryer may cause the fabric to shrink.
It is not recommended to iron the items - this could ruin the fabrics.

I recommend that items make with hessian are washed on a cold wash to last longer & prevent shrinkage (although I have had customers who wash them with normal hammocks and they survive well, as I use good quality hessian & extra stitching).
Hessian is fibrous which will shed (should decrease over time and washes).

Large laundry bags with zips are great for washing hammocks in and also prevent the machine from getting clogged with hairs. The hammocks and bag can be shaken off outside after to remove hairs that have been in the bag during washing.

Please remember that some pets will chew fabric so it is your responsiblity to check over fabric beds for chew holes, loose fabric/thread, etc before each use to assess safety of use.
Cut away any loose threads & remove/discard of any items that are significantly chewed that could cause harm.

I hope your items last a very long time but fabric is not indestructible unfortunetely - but you can help to make them survive as long as they possibly can with good product care (and I hope my extra layers & stitching help that too)!