about me & furrykind creations

Furrykind Creations began in March 2018 and is solely run by me, Caryn.

I started sewing my own basic hammocks in 2015, teaching myself on a mini machine and a started domestic Singer. I spent a lot of my time learning and practicing different styles and types to make. I soon realised how much I enjoyed it and how theraupeutic it was for me, so I continued on with it and never really stopped! Now I work on my Brother Industrial machine.

In 2017 the idea of creating beds shaped like rats came along. I put a lot of time into designing and creating, tweaking the size/shape and other details until I got to the overall design I was happy with - making my first big batch of rat shaped beds ready for my website shop launch and first sales at Furrykind Creations.

Shaped beds & bags are my own original design and one I am really proud of. I continue to make them when I can and other hammocks/beds, etc too.

When I'm not spending my time sewing, I like to hang out with my rats (I keep a group of bucks), with my dog (I have a retired ex-racing Greyhound) and my partner. I also like nature so enjoy nice walks, watching films & series, listening to music, playing video games and eating too much vegan junk food!


My Furrykind Creations logos. All designed by me and created by my partner.