Frequently asked questions

What are your items made from?

I mostly use polar fleece fabric. I use multiple layers which add more thickness & extra comfort. I also sew extra stitching to add more support and durability to the items. I do also use other fabrics too such as cotton, polycotton, hessian, linen, etc in combination with the fleece. More eco-friendly fabrics are an option too but are more pricey and therefore more cost for the customer.

How do you hang your items in a cage?

All hammocks/beds are made with either D-rings or eyelets attached, depending on the item and what is requested. These allow for a clip or link to hook through to hang in the cage from the bars.

What animals are your products made for?

My items are mostly aimed at rats (I keep rats myself so I started out by making hammocks & beds for my own before Furrykind Creations). However, they can be used for other small animals (my items have been purchased for hamsters, guinea pigs, ferrets, mice, chinchillas and hedgehogs)! Please ensure that any item you purchase is safe/suitable first for your small animal (the materials & size).

Can I have/do you sell your patterns of your shaped beds & bags so I can make them too?

No. My shaped beds and bags are my own creations (I like to think they're the item that comes to mind first and most when Furrykind Creations is mentioned). I'm proud of my creation and love working on them. I have taken much of my own time and effort with the original design to get it right. Lots of tweaking. Lots of perfecting. Lots of extra steps & extra pieces. And each new design/animal I come up with is then more time & effort to perfect. I appreciate if people respect someone elses work and don't attempt to copy.

Do you take custom orders?

I ocassionally open slots for custom orders. See the custom orders page in the about section for more information.

Where do you ship your items?

I am based in the UK so the majority of my items are sold here too. I will be opening custom slots (for my shaped beds & bags) to send internationally soon (last updated: 07/06/2021).