eco-friendly packaging

Most of my items are sent in a compostable postage bag. The bag is plastic free & plant based. The tape used on the outside is also compostable. All outer packaging needs to be disposed of in a garden/food waste bin.

All parcels/orders come with a delivery note. The note is printed with eco-friendly ink on recycled paper. On occassion, I send my items in a cardboard box. The note & box can both be disposed of in a recycling bin.

The compostable packaging bags have a double seal line for a one-time re-use to give it another life! Cardboard box packaging can also be re-used.

Please make sure you dispose of the packaging bags in with
green waste and not a recycling bin (so they do not contaminate the recycling process & can break down properly).

I always strive to make the best quality items I can.
All my items are made with extra fabric layers and extra all over stitching to make them more secure & durable compared to thinner, non-topstiched versions - so hopefully they last much longer.

Some small animals (specifically rats) do sometimes like to chew fabric no matter what you do but I sew in hope that my items will have a long life in them before eventually having to be discarded (my own rats & many customers hammocks too are still going strong years after being made!)

TIP: add some extra bedding such as tissue paper, hay, card, etc in your hammock(s) in the cage so the rats can nest & pad out their bed with that instead of trying to chew the fabric hammock to make their bed with. You can also hang wooden toys directly nect to hammocks to encourage rats to chew them instead. These tips should hopefully help hammocks to last even longer with chewers!

I only order in fabric I need (I don't keep in large stock) and have plans to use.
I try to use up all my fabrics as much as I can - even the smaller pieces I use to make stuff.
I can also order in more eco friendly fabrics for custom orders if requested (note that they tend to cost more unfortunately).