Made from 4/5 layers of fleece & 1 layer of wadding and has an attached webbing strap which is adjustable. Super soft and thick - stitching inside for padding and support.

The bag is plenty big enough for babies/young rats or a few adult rats (or more if they squash in, as rats like to!). They can be used as snug beds to chill in, bonding bags for newbies and also to carry rats when walking around the house, during free range, at shows, etc.

PLEASE NOTE: All the bags are made with an inner layer of fluffy polyester wadding inside the layers of fleece. They are made & recommended to be used outside of the cage only so you can monitor your small animals in the bag and prevent chewing through to the wadding layer. Please use a suitable plastic/metal carrier instead of the fabric bag when transporting outside.

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