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about me & furrykind creations

All creations are made by me, Caryn. I started sewing my own hammocks for my rats on a mini sewing machine in 2015 and soon after got my Singer machine. I spent a lot of time learning and practicing sewing different types of hammocks and other small creations. Now I work on my Brother industrial machine.

​I thought before about selling some of the items I had made but always ended up just sewing for my own animals. It wasn't until 2017 that the idea of making rat shaped beds came along! A lot of time went into designing and creating the cubes over many months, tweaking the size/shape and other little details.

Furrykind Creations officially began in March 2018. My Facebook, Instagram and website were all launched on the same day - starting off with a introductory giveaway and trading a week later!

I don’t have a team to help. All is done by me - including all designing, fabric cutting, machine sewing, hand sewing, eyelets, website, etc. Therefore it can take me more time to complete some items, especially items that are more intricate such as the shaped beds and bags (a original unique creations by Furrykind Creations. So you will only find them sold by me).

Even though my website is run as a small business, sewing is still just my hobby to me (I can’t keep everything I sew for my own rats!). I tend to make whatever I fancy, when I fancy rather than lots of batches of items and custom orders. So sometimes I just have a few items available at a time or it may be some time before I make other ones again. I do try to get back around to making the shaped beds/bags again when I can though, as they tend to be requested often (and it’s nice to know people like them).

I strive to make good quality items with extra thickness and sewing support. And I like to make improvements on my creations where I can.

Most of my items are sold through my website shop, but occassionally I do attend rat shows where I have a table for my creations.

Here's some of my show tables: